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International Services

Globalization represents opportunities for smaller businesses to take advantage of a world with more flexible borders and fewer barriers for entry. Just as your business must be ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of the foreign marketplace, so must your accounting firm be ready to assist you in new parts of the world. KKAJ are members of Enterprise Worldwide, an international alliance of legally independent accounting and consulting firms. As a member of this global alliance, KKAJ has access to resources around the world. With its personal focus, KKAJ is able to offer the same international services and accounting services as a large multinational CPA firm. No matter where you do business, KKAJ is a valuable resource to have.

“I have had a relationship with KKAJ for nearly two decades. Not only have they been the constant professionals offering financial and taxation assistance, but the entire firm has treated me as though I’m family. Perhaps better than family, but the point is there has always been an unparalleled covenant of trust.”

Teresa Todd,

Point of View Communications