Our clients are more than just numbers


Five-Star Approach

When dining in a Five-Star restaurant, you expect it to offer a flawless dining experience that hits all the high notes in terms of the delivery of exceptional food, superlative service, elegant décor and the exquisite presentation of every detail surrounding the meal. You expect the wait staff to be warm, gracious and attentive to your needs, and to complete the experience, offer a spectacular dessert! If by chance your table was not ready upon arrival, a Five-Star restaurant might offer an extremely comfortable place to wait and attentively care for you during the delay. Characterized by exceptional attention to detail, only a few restaurants achieve the status of Five-Star excellence.

So how does KKAJ take the same principles of a Five-Star restaurant and incorporate them into the delivery of Five-Star Client Service?

Beyond the technical skills of accounting, taxation, and business consulting lies the heart of Five-Star Client Service. It’s a relationship built on trust between the client and KKAJ professional.

Five-star client service

  • KKAJ works with clients to foster a thorough understanding of customer needs and wants.
  • Partners, professionals, and staff at KKAJ deliver the highest level of personal service and technical expertise.
  • Working with clients, KKAJ strives to achieve every client’s satisfaction and complete understanding of their financial, tax and business matters.
  • Offering innovative solutions, KKAJ provides steadfast performance that exceeds expectations to help individuals and businesses achieve their goals.
  • Even with the best of care, sometimes disappointing things happen. When they do, clients trust the KKAJ professionals to handle the situation in a manner that is honest, expedient, and in the client’s best interests.

At KKAJ, trust is our finest quality and people are our greatest asset. At KKAJ, we’re more than just accountants. The culture of our firm is to provide the highest level of service and expertise. Every professional at KKAJ delivers exceptional service to clients through their commitment to Five-Star Client Service. We invite you to experience the difference.

“I have had a relationship with KKAJ for nearly two decades. Not only have they been the constant professionals offering financial and taxation assistance, but the entire firm has treated me as though I’m family. Perhaps better than family, but the point is there has always been an unparalleled covenant of trust.”

Teresa Todd,

Point of View Communications