SCVEDC Releases Q4 Economic Snapshot

The Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation recently released the Economic Snapshot for data through December 2012. As a member of the SCVEDC Board of Directors, I welcome the opportunity to discuss any of the information provided.

Chaos at the IRS

Many of you may have heard in recent news reports that because of the late passage of the law to avoid the “fiscal cliff” the Internal Revenue Service will not be able to process tax returns until after January 30, 2013.  We want you to be assured that even though the IRS will not be working, KKAJ is. As soon as we have your information (tax organizer), we will prepare your returns. By getting your information in early, you will know your refund amount or amount due sooner and ensure that your tax returns are ready to be filed as soon as the IRS will accept them. 

Telling It Like It Is

While in Tampa for the Republican National Convention, Patti and I joined radio personality Michael Medved for an on air segment of his show where we shared some personal stories of our future president. While all the online listener comments were encouraging, there were certainly a few that let us appreciate our contribution to Mitt’s story.

History in the Making

It’s not every day that you find yourself inserted into a story of such immense political importance that history books might later frame the events of this day as a turning point of global import.  I’m referring to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. Not even threat of hurricanes and destructive storms could deter us from the opportunity to witness first-hand some of the finest moments in our nation’s history. Patti and I attended the convention, reveled in the camaraderie and excitement, and joined the world as we welcomed our long-time friend Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate for President of the United States.