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Telling It Like It Is

by Dennis King

While in Tampa for the Republican National Convention, Patti and I joined radio personality Michael Medved for an on air segment of his show where we shared some personal stories of our future president. While all the online listener comments were encouraging, there were certainly a few that let us appreciate our contribution to Mitt’s story.

“This was a very interesting interview.  I learned more about Mitt Romney listening to this lovely couple than I have in all the years he’s been on the national stage.  I hope we hear more personal stories like these in the days to come.  This was an important contribution to the conversation!  Kudos!”

“I don’t think it is in his nature to brag about all he has done in his life and these long-time friends shed some light on the real Mitt.”

Glad we were able to share the personal side of Mitt’s story.

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Teresa Todd,

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